Financial Remedies Court Notice: Appeal Judges

Financial Remedies CourtPractice Guidance

I make this announcement with the authority of the President.

By SI 2023/61, which comes into force on 6 April 2023, the Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules amend Rule 30.3(5) so as to permit circuit judges nominated by the National Lead Judge of the Financial Remedies Court to refuse applications for permission to appeal in financial remedy proceedings without a hearing, and, if the judge considers that the application is totally without merit, to make an order that the appellant may not request the decision to be reconsidered at a hearing. This rule amendment does not affect the existing powers of High Court Judges and Designated Family Judges under Rule 30.3(5A) to do so in family proceedings.

The circuit judges listed below have been nominated under Rule 30.3(5C). Their appointments take effect on 6 April 2023 and will be for a period of four years.

  • HHJ Cooper – Humberside and South Yorkshire
  • HHJ Hess – London
  • HHJ Evans-Gordon – London
  • HHJ Haigh – Greater Manchester
  • HHJ Williams – Dorset and Hampshire
  • HHJ Watkins – East Midlands
  • HHJ Greensmith – Cheshire and Merseyside
  • HHJ Pates – Cheshire and Merseyside
  • HHJ Cope – Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset
  • HHJ Walsh – Devon, Cornwall and South Somerset
  • HHJ Mitchell – Devon, Cornwall and South Somerset
  • HHJ Ingram – West Midlands
  • HHJ Shelton – North and West Yorkshire
  • HHJ Booth – Cumbria and Lancashire
  • HHJ Japheth – Mid and West Wales/North Wales
  • HHJ Farquhar – Kent, Surrey and Sussex
  • HHJ Gibson – Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire
  • HHJ Vincent  – Thames Valley

Mr Justice Peel