Have you seen: Young Advocate of the Year


Photo of Tristan Greene, Young Advocate of the Year

Tristan Greene, Young Advocate of the Year

Student Tristan Greene has thanked the Judicial Office, and one judge in particular, for helping him win Young Advocate of the Year (external link, opens in a new tab).

A history undergraduate, he secured first place in BPP University Law School’s Advocate of the Year 2019 competition and won a £6,000 scholarship toward his Bar Professional Training Course.

Tristan, studying at King’s College London, impressed judges in a final made up of two mock trials (one criminal and one civil) held at the Old Bailey.

Prior to the competition, he spent a week sitting with His Honour Judge Mark Horton, a Diversity and Community Relations Judge, in Bristol Crown Court. During that week, he also completed the judicial awareness course written by the judge.

Tristan said: “I know how large a role these experiences played in helping me win this competition. Getting to sit with a judge for the week and discuss different styles of advocacy, and the effectiveness of those styles, gave me such a valuable insight into what judges and juries are looking for.

“The judicial awareness course was particularly valuable. Being taught by an experienced judge, and someone who is an experienced barrister, about how to manage and conference witnesses, deliver opening and closing statements, and – my favourite – how to examine and cross examine those witnesses, was a fantastic experience in advocacy training.

“As a history student, this was one of the very few advocacy training opportunities I’d ever had, so I’m extremely grateful to the judge for taking me on that week. I’m very excited about what the future holds, and I know how important the marshalling and judicial awareness course was in helping me win this award.”