JAG Practice Note 2 of 22

Judge Advocate GeneralPractice Guidance

Access to recordings of court proceedings

  1. Proceedings in the Court Martial are recorded on the Digital Audio Recording (DAR) system in accordance with The Armed Forces (Court Martial) Rules 2009, Para 23(e).
  2. If any person wishes to listen to any part of a recording relating to on-going court proceedings, leave must first be obtained from the Judge Advocate sitting in the case or, if the Judge Advocate is not readily available, another Judge Advocate.
  3. In other circumstances any request to listen to a sound recording or for a transcript of the proceedings must be made in writing to the Director Military Court Service.
  4. This Practice Note does not apply to members of the Military Court Service, who may access recordings in the course of their duties.

HHJ Alan M Large, Judge Advocate General
19 July 2022