Judicial Attitudes Survey


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The latest Judicial Attitude Survey is published today (Thursday 25 February 2021).

It was completed by 99% of judges.

It was carried out for the Judiciary by the Judicial Institute at UCL.

A copy is available below. Previous surveys are available online (opens in a new tab).

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, and Senior President of Tribunals, Sir Keith Lindblom, said: “A judge’s work is fulfilling but also often stressful and harrowing even in normal times. We know that during the pandemic they, like so many, have had to show resilience and determination as they have kept the vital public service of the courts operating under difficult conditions. We express our gratitude again to them and to the staff and court staff who support them in maintaining justice.

“This is the third time a comprehensive survey of judicial attitudes has been undertaken.  It provides valuable insight into matters of interest and concern and helps inform decision making which affects the judiciary as a whole.”