Judicial Diversity and Inclusion – First Annual Update

Diversity Information

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The Judicial Diversity and Inclusion Strategy was published on 5 November 2020. Its overarching aim was to increase the personal and professional diversity of the judiciary at all levels over the next five years by increasing the number of well qualified applicants for judicial appointment from diverse personal and professional backgrounds and by supporting their inclusion, retention and progress in the judiciary.

The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy lists four core objectives:

  • Creating an environment in which there is greater responsibility for and reporting on progress in achieving diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting and building a more inclusive and respectful culture and working environment within the judiciary
  • Supporting and developing the career potential of existing judges
  • Supporting greater understanding of judicial roles and achieving greater diversity in the pool of applicants for judicial roles

The first annual update details the progress taken across the judiciary against these objectives.

Lord Burnett, The Lord Chief Justice said:

“In November 2020 we published the Judicial Diversity and Inclusion Strategy which laid out four core objectives to increase the diversity of the judiciary. This was an important milestone for the judiciary which set out our ambitious intentions on diversity and inclusion for the next five years in the knowledge that a diverse judiciary will capture talent that is currently lost to us and help cement the confidence of the public that the judiciary broadly reflects society.

“I would like to thank all those who have taken actions to help support the aims and objectives we set out. I am heartened that much progress had been made over the very difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is much support being given across the judiciary to implement this Strategy and I encourage all judicial office holders to do what they can to assist its implementation.”

Sir Keith Lindblom, Senior President of Tribunals Said:

“I fully support the goals of the judicial diversity and inclusion strategy and recognise the good progress that has been made over the first year in achieving it’s aims”.