Judicial Office Business Plan 2011-12

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Foreword from the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales and the Senior President of Tribunals

We welcome the 2011-12 Business Plan for the Judicial Office. Business plans set out the priorities and objectives for the whole organisation – they explain what an organisation does for those who use it and demonstrate to those who work within it how their particular role contributes to its overall aims. This is particularly important this year as the Judicial Office has grown to incorporate responsibility for the new Tribunal System (extending for some purposes to the whole UK), the Family and Civil Justice Councils, the Office for Judicial Complaints and the new Judicial College (established from April 2011). The public rightly sets great store in an efficient, effective and impartial justice system – with an independent judiciary at its heart. The judiciary in courts and tribunals will need to respond to an increasingly demanding and rapidly changing environment in the coming year, including the creation of HM Courts and Tribunals Service. The Judicial Office provides us with vital support which enables us to make our full contribution. We look forward to working with Anne and the Judicial Office team during 2011-12.

Igor Judge and Robert Carnwath