Judicial Office Business Plan 2014-15

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Foreword by the Lord Chief Justice and Senior President of Tribunals

We welcome the Judicial Office Business Plan for 2014/15. It demonstrates clearly the breadth of your work and the invaluable support you provide to the judiciary, across a range of areas. In supporting and advising the judiciary, you also contribute to the efficient running of courts and tribunals across the country.

The Judicial Office is no different from other public sector organisations and has continued its work against a backdrop of continuing change and budget restrictions. We are grateful for the way in which Judicial Office staff have reacted so positively to meeting the demands we all face, by maintaining the high standards that the judiciary and the public expect. This has been the first full year for Jillian Kay as Chief Executive and the way in which the Judicial Office is responding in these times of reducing resources is a testament to her leadership.

We take this opportunity to thank all staff in Judicial Office for the advice and support they provide to us, our colleagues and the wider judiciary. Your work is essential in enabling an independent judiciary to continue to perform its constitutional role as guardian of the rule  of law, delivering a justice system which serves the public. These goals are not mere rhetoric; they are essential to the proper functioning of the State. The year ahead will be challenging for the judiciary, and for the courts and tribunals. Such times cannot be met without the support and advice provided by all of you; we look forward to working with you to meet these challenges.

Rt.Hon. Lord Thomas
Lord Chief Justice

Rt.Hon. Sir Jeremy Sullivan
Senior President of Tribunals