Judicial statistics 2010

Diversity Information

In Post
Justices of the Supreme Court¹ 11
Heads of Division Lord Chief Justice
Master of the Rolls
President of the Queen’s Bench Division
President of Family Division
The Chancellor of the High Court
Lords Justices of Appeal² 37
High Court Judges³ Chancery Division
Queen’s Bench Division
Family Division
Judge Advocates 9
Deputy Judge Advocates 5
Masters, Registrars, Costs Judges and District Judges (PRFD) 48
Deputy Masters, Deputy Registrars, Deputy Costs Judges and Deputy District Judge (PRFD) 80


Eastern & RCJ
Midland North
Western Northern Wales Total in
Circuit Judges Total 307 93 80 61 103 36 680
Recorder Total 549 202 131 140 155 56 1233
District Judges (County Courts) Total 164 68 65 50 76 25 448
Deputy District Judges (County Courts) Total 209 114 90 83 110 34 640
District Judges
(Magistrates’ Court)
Total 143
Deputy District Judges
(Magistrates’ Court)
Total 151
Total: 3598

¹The twelfth Justice of Supreme Court, Sir John Dyson, was subsequently apointed on 13 April 2010.
² This figure includes Lord Justice Carnwath, Senior President of Tribunals
³ The overall complement of High Court Judges is 108. In addition, Two High Court Judges, Mr Justice Fulford and Mr Justice Bratza, who are currently based at the International Criminal Court and European Court of Human Rights respectively. Mrs Justice Thirlwall was appointed to the Queen’s Bench Division on 13 April 2010 and Mr Justice Mostyn was appointed to the Family Division on 20 April 2010. Both judges filled vacancies which had arisen on 1 April 2010.

Source: Judicial Database 2010

Note: Some judicial office holders hold more than one judicial appointment. In such cases, the appointment that the judicial office holder undertakes the majority of their time is known as their primary appointment. In order to avoid double counting of judges this table shows figures for primary appointments only.

PRFD stands for Principal Registry of the Family Division