King’s Bench Guide 2024

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The King’s Bench Guide 2024 has been published. It is been prepared to help everyone who practises or litigates in the King’s Bench Division.

This tenth edition of the Guide makes some further changes since the full revision of the Guide in the 2022 edition. Those changes relate to:

  • Updated guidance on open justice, anonymity and non disclosure orders
  • Updated guidance on contempt applications
  • Updated guidance as to resources available to litigants in person
  • Updated guidance on resources in respect of vulnerable witnesses.
  • Updated notice of allocation
  • Amendment to Masters’ Hearing Directions
  • KB Masters Clerks’ contact details

The Rt Hon. Dame Victoria Sharp, President of the King’s Bench Division, said in her foreword: “The King’s Bench Guide was fully revised in 2022 but the law does not stand still, and I am very grateful to Master Sullivan for the work she has done in amending this new tenth edition and to Senior Master Cook and Mr Justice Soole for their editorial contributions and oversight of the King’s Bench Guide more generally. The Guide remains an essential resource to all those who practice or litigate in the King’s Bench Division.”

Senior Master Cook said in his foreword: “I am extremely grateful to Master Sullivan for her assiduous work in drafting amendments, and the not inconsiderable effort involved in liaising with judges and court staff to ensure that all parts of the new edition are correct and up to date, and to Mrs Justice Steyn and Mrs Justice Collins Rice for their contribution as new Judges Jointly In Charge of the MAC (Media and Communications) list and James Heavey, Delivery Manager for Masters Listing and Children’s Funds.

“However, all errors and omissions are mine and I welcome any comments and suggestions from the profession and all using this Guide for its improvement.”