Message from Mr Justice Peel and HHJ Hess: Online system for contested financial remedy cases

Financial Remedies Court

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Since 31 January 2023, it has been mandatory for new contested financial remedy applications to be submitted and managed online.

It is apparent that documents are frequently uploaded by practitioners into the wrong tabs on the online system. This creates delays for judges, who are required to search for relevant documents. It is unsatisfactory for lay parties, who expect their documents to be lodged correctly. It inhibits a proper working of the digital system.

Practitioners are reminded that it is essential for them to familiarise themselves fully with the process of managing a case online.


  1. Attached is a short two-page guide to uploading documents. All practitioners should, as an absolute minimum, be familiar with this guidance.
  1. Additional guidance is available online from:

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Mr Justice Peel

His Honour Judge Hess