Message from the Lord Chief Justice: 2021 judicial diversity statistics

Diversity InformationLord Burnett of MaldonLord Chief Justice

Today the Judicial Diversity Forum has published the 2021 combined statistical report which brings together data about the diversity of the judiciary, judicial appointments and the relevant legal professions (solicitors, barristers and chartered legal executives).

The report presents a large amount of data which I encourage you to review. I am pleased to see the rise in the proportion of women within the judiciary and the progress being made in other areas. There is much to be drawn from the information presented. For example, the report shows that whilst the proportion of Asian and Mixed ethnicity individuals in the judiciary has increased since 2014, the proportion of Black individuals has stayed the same in that time. Although there has been some progress, there is clearly still work to be done and the judiciary is committed to playing our part.

The Judicial Diversity and Inclusion Strategy was published in November 2020. The strategy set us an overarching aim to increase the personal and professional diversity of the judiciary at all levels over the next five years by increasing the number of well qualified applicants for judicial appointment from diverse backgrounds and by supporting their inclusion, retention and progress in the judiciary. Sir Keith Lindblom, the Senior President of Tribunals and I stand by and reaffirm that aim. Later in the year we will report on the measurable work we have already undertaken to support the Strategy.

Lord Burnett of Maldon
The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales