Practice Note: Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) Small Claims Track

Intellectual Property Enterprise CourtPractice Guidance

From 3 July 2023, there will be a change in how cases filed in the Small Claims Track (SCT) of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) will be processed.

From that date, all claims filed either on CE File or in person in London (at the Rolls Building) will be transferred to Manchester. They will be case managed by District Judges in the Manchester Civil Justice Centre. It is expected that most such claims which go to trial will have the trial heard either in person in Manchester or, where the parties prefer, by video link with the Manchester court.

Parties will have the right to apply to have a claim transferred from Manchester to any other court centre which hears IPEC SCT cases, including London. The relevant centres outside London are Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle.

It follows that IPEC SCT trials pursuant to a claim filed on CE File or in person at the Rolls Building from 3 July 2023 will only be heard in London if transferred from Manchester. Claims will only be transferred to London for case management or trial if there are good reasons to do so, in particular where there is a need for a trial in person and potential difficulty in having a trial in Manchester.

There will be no change to IPEC SCT claims filed in any of the centres outside London. These will be case managed and trials will be heard at the place of filing unless transferred elsewhere.

There will be no change to IPEC SCT claims filed before 3 July 2023. Where filed on CE File or at the Rolls Building, they will be dealt with by District Judges of the County Court at Central London unless transferred elsewhere.

None of the foregoing affects claims filed in the IPEC Multi-Track.

Judge Hacon
Presiding Judge of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court