Practice Note JAG1/22

Judge Advocate GeneralPractice Guidance

Following consultation with all concerned, the Service Courts will henceforth adopt the following
procedure for all hearings where anyone attends via video link:


  • All parties will dress as if they were appearing in court.
  • For Service Personnel this means Service Dress. For legal representatives, appropriate court dress.
  • If Service Personnel do not have access to Service Dress, MTP or equivalent can be worn.
  • If legal representatives do not have access to their robes, suits may be worn.
  • Should someone not have access to the appropriate dress, the reason for this can be explained to the judge at the hearing. Judges understand that occasionally the right dress is in the wrong place.


  • Anyone appearing by video link should be in an appropriate location. This means a quiet private space with a good internet connection.
  • For Service Personnel this will usually mean their ship or unit, rather than their home address.
  • No one should attend from a vehicle or public location unless there is no practical alternative.

IT Equipment

  • Personnel attending a court hearing by video link should use a laptop, tablet or PC rather than a mobile phone.


  • If the DAO is not present with the defendant, they should ensure they have discussed the case fully beforehand and are able to have immediate contact during the hearing – eg by text.

HHJ Alan M Large, Judge Advocate General
1 June 2022