The Witness Evidence Working Group

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At its meeting on 22 October 2020, the Business & Property Courts Board received the Implementation Report of the Witness Evidence Working Group and endorsed the Working Group’s recommendation that its draft for a new CPR Practice Direction 57AC and Appendix (Statement of Best Practice) be put before the Civil Procedure Rules Committee for consideration in December.  The Working Group’s main report (external link, opens in a new tab), recommendations from which would be implemented by the proposed new Practice Direction, can be found online.

A copy of the Implementation Report and a short Addendum from Andrew Baker J, who chairs the Working Group, together with the draft Practice Direction and Appendix in the form the CPRC will be asked to consider, are available to view (see below).  If practitioners or users have comments on the proposal, or specific drafting points, they are welcome to provide them to Andrew Baker J by email, via his Clerk: