Update: New Plea and Trial Preparatory Hearing form now in use


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Following proposals to improve the Plea and Trial Preparatory Hearing form (PTPH2) within the Digital Case System (DCS) and its paper version, a new PTPH2 form has come into use from Monday (22 July). It is expected to reach PTPH hearings by 29 July 2019.

The documents below from the Judicial Office and HMCTS include summaries of the key changes made to the text of PTPH2. Many of the changes are enhancements asked for by users through consultation and feedback; and PTPH2 also incorporates features required by changes to Criminal Procedure Rules or Practice Directions.

Practitioners now have the opportunity to interact with the form in the DCS training environment (external link, opens in a new tab) and on the MoJ Criminal Procedure Rule Committee’s Forms page (external link, opens in a new tab).