Watch the Institute of Maritime Law 38th Donald O’May Lecture online

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The Institute of Maritime Law at the University of Southampton has made its recording of the 38th Donald O’May Lecture available to view on YouTube (link below).

The Donald O’May lecture aims to create bridges between the three branches of maritime law: the law (practitioners and judges), the market and academia. It is held annually, and is usually given by one of the country’s leading legal figures.

This year’s lecture – entitled Why Shipping Law Still Matters (opens in a new tab) – was presented by High Court Judge, The Honourable Mr Justice Foxton.

The lecture considers how shipping law came to achieve its central role in the formulation of English Commercial Law; why the judicial approach to resolving shipping disputes proved particularly conducive to the formation of business-friendly principles of Commercial Law; and the continued relevance of shipping disputes and Shipping Law today.