In conversation with District Judge (MC) Briony Clarke


Find out about District Judge (MC) Briony Clarke’s career journey and her experiences of being a woman in the legal profession

The Judicial Office interviewed District Judge (MC) Briony Clarke, who is based at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, to hear about her journey in the legal profession. Her interview is part of our ongoing ‘Judge Profile’ series on social media, in which we interview judges from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

Judge Clarke began her legal career at 15, working as a legal assistant. She was appointed as a Deputy District Judge in the magistrates’ court at 31- years-old, a notably young age to achieve this.  Last year she received an honorary doctorate from the university where she had previously studied.

In our interview, Judge Clarke spoke about the changing face of diversity within the profession and touched upon her experience of being a young woman in the legal profession.

We asked her to give some advice to young women thinking of taking on a legal role. She said: “There will inevitably be people who doubt you, don’t let them! Work hard to show you are not to be doubted”.

You can watch her full interview on YouTube.