Intellectual property judgments shared with a global audience

Intellectual Property ListNews

The UK has joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (external link) Lex Judgments database to help share best practice around the world.

This will open up access to the UK’s most important, high-quality IP judgements, sharing examples of complex case-handling and UK best practice to benefit a global audience.

The initiative is supported by Lord Justice Birss, Deputy Head of Civil Justice, and Mr Justice Meade, who compiled the initial list of the UK’s 100 most notable judgments for inclusion on the database.

Mr Justice Meade said: “On behalf of the judiciary, I am delighted that our most notable cases have been added to the WIPO Lex judgments database.

“It has been a pleasure working with WIPO to achieve this goal and look forward in the future to expanding the database.

“It will also be fascinating as well as highly valuable to have access to and to study and enjoy the decisions of other jurisdictions as a way of furthering international cooperation on IP law and practice.”