ABB & Ors -v- G4S Limited & Ors (anonymity order)

CivilQueen's Bench DivisionAnonymity Order

Claim No: QB-2022-000987


Date: 19/04/2022

Master Cook

(1) ABB,
(2) BCC,
(3) CDD
(1) G4S Limited (formerly G4S Plc),
(2) Group 4 Falck Services LLC,
(3) G4S Secure Solutions LLC

UPON considering the Application Notice of the Claimants dated 1 April 2022 and the
witness statement of Ms Kavita Modi, dated 1 April 2022 (“WS Modi”)
AND UPON consideration of the Claimants’ Article 8 right to respect for private and
family life and the Article 10 right to freedom of expression and the principle of open
AND UPON IT FURTHER APPEARING that non-disclosure of the Claimants’
identities is necessary in order to protect their interests
AND PURSUANT to CPR 5.4B-C and 6.38 and section 6 of the Human Rights Act

1. The Claimants have permission to:
a. identify themselves on the claim form as “ABB” (First Claimant), “BCC”
(Second Claimant) and “CDD” (Third Claimant); and
b. state their address on the claim form as c/o Leigh Day, Panagram, 27 Goswell
Road, London, EC1M 7AJ.
2. Any claim form on the Court file disclosing any of the Claimants’ names and/or
addresses be replaced by a document describing such name(s) and/or
address(es) in anonymised form in accordance with paragraph 1 above.
3. The original of any claim form disclosing the name or address of the Claimants is
to be placed on the Court file and marked “confidential: not to be opened without
the permission of a Master or High Court Judge”.
4. Pursuant to CPR 5.4B and/or 5.4C(4) the Defendants and any non-party may not,
without the permission of the Court, inspect or obtain from the Court file the claim
form save insofar as it is in anonymised form in accordance with paragraph 1
above. Any application for such permission must be made on notice to the
Claimants, and the Court will effect service.
5. The Claimants shall comply with CPR 23.9(2) by service on the Defendants of this
Order, the application notice and WS Modi.
6. The Claimants have permission to serve a copy of the documents referred to in
paragraph 5 above on the Second and Third Defendants out of the jurisdiction.
7. The Defendants may apply under CPR rule 23.10 to have this Order set aside or
8. The costs of and occasioned by this application shall be in the case.