AMB -v- Ascendit Lifts Limited (anonymity order)

Anonymity Order

Claim No: QB-2020-002592


05 March 2021

Master Eastman

AMB (A protected party by her Litigation Friend, NMG)
Ascendit Lifts Limited

UPON HEARING: Mr Purnell of Counsel for the Claimant and Mr Cunnington for the Defendant by telephone hearing
AND UPON the Court finding that there were particular factors in favour of a grant of anonymity in this case due to the nature of the injury sustained by the Claimant and her status as a protected party and that therefore it was necessary and appropriate for an Anonymity Order to be made save as provided for in paragraphs 4 and 5
1. The Claimant and the Litigation Friend shall be referred to by way of initials, AMB and NMG respectively.
2. The publication of any details which identify or tend to identify the Claimant, the Litigation Friend or any other family member of the Claimant shall be prohibited.
3. A non-party to the proceedings may not be provided with a copy of any document contained within the Court records relating to this case under CPR 5.4C without the permission of the Court. Any application for permission is to be made on application and on notice to the Claimant’s solicitors.
4. That the provisions of this Order shall not prohibit the Defendant, their insurers or their insurers’ successors in title from disclosing the Claimant’s name and address or any other information tending to identify her to their reinsurers, HM Revenue & Customs (or its successor), the Compensation Recovery Unit or any other person required by law provided that any such person in receipt of such disclosure shall be informed in writing of this Order of the Court.
5. That the provisions of this Order shall not apply (without further Order) to any claim for indemnity or contribution which the Defendant may bring against any third party in respect of its liability to the Claimant in this action but should the Defendant issue any such claim against any third party the Defendant will within
7 days inform the Claimant’s solicitor in writing of the issue of such proceedings.
6. Any person affected by the terms of this Order shall have permission to apply to the Court for a variation or revocation of the terms of this Order. Any such application shall be made on notice to the Claimant’s solicitors.
7. Costs of the application for anonymity be in the case.