Bristol City Council -v- William Crow


Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre


14 May 2021

Bristol City Council
William Crow

“On 14 May 2021 at the Bristol Magistrates’ Courts William Crow was sentenced to 18 weeks imprisonment for each of six breaches of the court’s injunction dated 16 March 2021, the sentences to run concurrently, but suspended until 16 March 2022 provided Mr Crow obeys the terms of the injunction. The injunction forbids Mr Crow from using or allowing others to use prohibited substances at his home in Southmead, Bristol, and limits the persons he may invite into the property. The breaches occurred on 27 March 2021, 5 days after he was served with the court’s injunction, and on 20 April 2021, while on bail after having been arrested for the first breaches. He continued to use, and to allow others to use the property for smoking marijuana.”