Committal for Contempt of Court in open court in Clerkenwell and Shoreditch: Ahmed

County CourtCommittal for Contempt of Court

Case No: H03EC459

In the County Court sitting at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch

12 October 2022

District Judge Jacobs

On 12th October 2022 this court committed the following named person to prison SHAHIN AHMED

In relation to an order dated 30th December 2021 which provided that the Defendant is forbidden, whether by himself or by instructing or encouraging or permitting any other person, from:

Being in possession of any illegal substance or drug paraphernalia in any London Borough.
For the avoidance of doubt this includes, but not limited to, cannabis, heroin, cocaine and any other form of recreational drug related to paraphernalia (including crack pipes, wire wool, snap bags, empty drug wraps, used tin foil, cannabis grinder or syringes);

The court found that he had breached that order by being in possession of a crack pipe on 24th July 2022 within a London Borough and imposed the following sentence for that breach


Being in possession of a crack pipe on 24th July 2022 within a London Borough Sentence
4 weeks imprisonment

Accordingly it was ordered that SHAHIN AHMED be committed for contempt to prison for a total period of 4 weeks.

The order is suspended until 12pm on 30th December 2023 and will not be put into force if during that time SHAHIN AHMED complies with the following terms:

The terms of the Injunction Order dated 30th December 2021