Committal for Contempt of Court in open court in Norwich: Burdette-Deacon

County CourtCommittal for Contempt of Court

Case No: G01NR161

In the County Court sitting at Norwich

13 October 2022

District Judge Pigram


  1. On the 13 October 2022 this court committed the following named person to prison Mr Michael Burdette-Deacon
  1. In relation to an order dated 19 February 2021 (as amended by HHJ North on 21 January 2022)
  1. which provided that the Respondent/ Defendant should not:

(a) Causing harassment alarm or distress to any other current or former resident of Shrub House Close or any member of staff and/or contractor employed or working on behalf of the Claimant, including but not limited to:

i. Using any threatening words or behaviour by any form of contact whether that be in person, telephone, emails or derogatory words over social media etc

ii. Making contact with the Claimant, its staff, and any contractors working on behalf of the Claimant other than using the email address, and shall not send more than two emails to this address during the period of any given day, save in the case of genuine emergency

  1. the court found that following admissions made he had disobeyed/breached that order by

(i) Sending 25 emails between 18 June 2022 and 2 August 2022 to the Claimant (some of which were copied in to others), other than to the permitted email address of the Claimant, which were in breach of clause (a) and/or clause (a)(ii).

  1. and imposed the following sentence(s) for those breach(es)


(i) For the breaches set out above

In addition

The suspended custodial order dated 21 January 2022 was active


12 weeks’ custody (to be served consecutively with the below sentence)

1 years’ custody (to be served consecutively with above sentence)

  1. Accordingly it was ordered that Mr Michael Burdette-Deakin be committed for contempt to Her Majesty’s Prison at HMP Norwich for a (total) period of 12 months and twelve weeks or until lawfully discharged if sooner, and that a warrant of arrest and committal be issued forthwith.