Committal for Contempt of Court: Cross Keys Homes Limited -v- Rands

County CourtCommittal for Contempt of Court

Claim Number: K00PE285

In the County Court at

11 March 2024

District Judge Falvey

Cross Keys Homes Limited
Mr Thomas Rands


Before District Judge Falvey sitting in public on 27 February 2024
UPON hearing Counsel for the Claimant and the Defendant in person via CVP,
AND UPON the Defendant confirming that he has no legal representative today and has not instructed representatives for today (the matter having previously been adourned to allow him to do so
AND UPON the Defendant being satisfied to proceed and not making any application to adjourn
AND UPON the Claimant not filing and serving a court bundle today and no witness bundle being sent to the court,
AND UPON the Defendant admitting the three breaches of the Injunction as alleged on 24 May 2023,
AND UPON the Claimant content to only proceed with those matters and not the allegations on 23 and 26 May 2023.
AND UPON the Defendant being held on remand at HMP Peterborough for unrelated offences.


  1. The court held that the respondent THOMAS RANDS has been guilty of contempt of court in failing to comply with the order dated 29 March 2023.
  2. By reason of such contempt, the respondent THOMAS RANDS is committed to HM Prison Peterborough for
  3. a period of SIX MONTHS from the date of this order
  4. A warrant for the committal of THOMAS RANDS shall be issued forthwith by way of execution of the above order, noting that he is on remand at HMP Peterborough.
  5. THOMAS RANDS has permission to apply to the court, on notice to the Claimant CROSS KEYS HOMES LIMITED to clear his/her contempt and to seek early release from prison pursuant to an order for discharge of the above order for committal.
  6. Costs of £2,172.50 shall be paid by THOMAS RANDS to CROSS KEYS HOMES LIMITED by 26th March 2024
  7. Witness expenses of £110 shall be paid by THOMAS RANDS to CROSS KEYS HOMES by 26th March 2024.
  8. As required by CPR 81.8(8) a transcript of the judgment given at the hearing on 27th February is to be prepared at the public expense and this is to be expedited; the judgemnt will be published as required by that rule.
  9. This Order is to be served on Thomas Rands at HM Prison Peterborough but personal service is dispensed with.