Committal for Contempt of Court: Fenland District Council -v- Mr Michael Bloy

County CourtCommittal for Contempt of Court

Claim number: K01PE068

In the County Court at Peterborough

17 April 2024


District Judge Falvey


Fenland District Council


Mr Michael Bloy


Before District Judge Falvey sitting in public at Crown Building Rivergate Peterborough on 26th March 2024
The parties: The Claimant is Fenland District Council represented by Mauro Maselli (counsel).
The Defendant is Michael Bloy who represented himself.

1. UPON the Court being satisfied that the Defendant had been given the opportunity to obtain legal

2. UPON the Court being satisfied that the Defendant wished to represent himself.

3. UPON the Defendant accepting (after being warned by the Judge hat he was not obliged to say anything) that he had breached a Court Injunction dated 1st September 2023.


    4. Pursuant to CPR 81.4(1) , the Claimant has permission to rely on those witness statements contained in the Court bundle which are in the form generally required by the Civil Procedure Rules (although no explanation was given for the failure to provide Affidavits).

    5. The Claimant is not permitted to adduce the statement of Samantha Hoy as this does not comply with the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules as to the form of a witness statement.

    6. The injunction granted on 1st September 2023 will remain in force until 26th March 2026 (rather than expiring as it would otherwise have done on 1st September 2025).

    7. The Defendant is sentenced to a term of 6 weeks imprisonment; this is suspended until 26th March 2026 on condition that he complies with the injunction.

    8. The judgment is to be transcribed at public expense.

    9. A copy of the transcript is to be sent to the Defendant Mr Bloy once available.

    10. The Defendant must pay the Claimant’s costs summarily assessed in the sum of £2,000.

    11. In light of the limited means of the Defendant, the Applicant is invited to take a view as to whether to seek to recover such costs.