Committal for Contempt of Court: Flagship Group -v- Dickinson

CivilCounty CourtCommittal for Contempt of Court

Case Number: J01NR774

In the Ipswich County Court

27 January 2023

HHJ Duddridge

Flagship Group
Mr Alan Dickinson

Committal for Contempt of Court

On 27 January 2023 HHJ Duddridge sitting in the County Court at Ipswich found that the Defendant, Mr Alan Dickinson, was in contempt of court in that he breached paragraph 1 (d) of an anti-social behaviour injunction made on 10 November 2022 by entering on the grounds and approaching the front door of Yetton Ward House at about 9.10 am on 22nd December 2022. HHJ Duddridge adjourned sentencing for the contempt until 27 July 2023 indicating that, if there are no further breaches of the Injunction it is likely that no penalty will be imposed but if there are further breaches, the appropriate penalty for the above breach is likely to be 7 days imprisonment.

HHJ Duddridge
27 January 2023