Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at Bristol: Waite

Committal for Contempt of Court

Case No. G00BS528

In the County Court at Bristol

20 August 2020

HHJ Ralton
Places for People Homes Limited
Emma Waite

1.On 19th March 2020 the Claimant

Places for People Homes Limited

applied for injunction orders against the following Defendant

Emma Waite

2. On 17th April 2020 the Court made injunction orders against the Defendant under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 .

3. On 20th August 2020 the court considered the committal to prison of the Defendant further to the Defendant having been served with an application notice for their committal to prison for contempt of court

for allegedly disobeying the order which provided that the Defendant must not:
In summary, play loud music or otherwise allow noise that can be heard outside of fer flat and the court heard the allegations in the absence of the Defendant.

4.On 20th August 2020 the Court found it was satisfied that it was sure after considering the that the Defendant had disobeyed the order by

1  Causing noise by way of loud music on 5 separate occasions and the Court imposed the following sentences for those breaches

1     28 days imprisonment for each breach concurrent suspended until 20th August 2021 on compliance with the injunction order.

5.The sentences were based on sentencing guidelines and remarks as follows:

Mitigating Features:

1  No evidence of violence

2   First time before the court for committal

Aggravating Features

1   Clear breach of injunction order

2   Impact on victim

6.Accordingly it was ordered that

Emma Waite

be committed for contempt to prison for a [total] period of 28 days suspended until 20th August 2021 on condition that she complies with the injunction order.