Committal for Contempt of Court: Jigsaw -v- Buxton

CivilCounty CourtCommittal for Contempt of Court

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Case Number: J03MA049

In the County Court at Nottingham

1 February 2023

Deputy District Judge Dawson

Jigsaw Homes Midlands
Mr Robert Buxton


BEFORE Deputy District Judge Dawson sitting at the County Court at Nottingham on
01 February 2023

UPON hearing Counsel for the Claimant and the Defendant in person

AND UPON the Defendant making admissions to the breaches in the schedule to this order

AND UPON the Claimant not pursuing the first breach

AND UPON the previous hearing being adjourned and the Defendant signposted to the Nottingham Law Group for representation, the Court therefore being satisfied that the Defendant has had sufficient time to engage with the legal representation available and has chosen not to do so


  1. The Defendant shall pay to HM Courts & Tribunals Service a fine of £60.00 by no later than 4:00pm 01 March 2023.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, any requirement for personal service is dispensed with. The Defendant was provided a copy of the Sealed order at Court. Service of any supporting evidence or subsequent orders upon the Defendant may take place by placing through the letterbox of his property located at, and known as, 19 Bailey Street, Nottingham, NG6 OHO.
  3. The Respondent is reminded that the terms of the interim injunction order dated 21 June 2022 continue to have full effect until it lapses at 4:00pm on 14 June 2023 unless before that time it is revoked by a further order of the court.
  4. No order for costs.

Dated: 01 February 2023


Schedule of Breaches

I. On 09 September 2022 the Defendant was arrested for breach of the injunction and for harassment. The Defendant was hiding in a wardrobe at the home address of his mother. This is a breach of Clause 5 of the injunction order dated 14th June 2022.