Committal for Contempt of Court: Wake -v- Langstaff

County CourtCommittal for Contempt of Court

Case Number: SP21F00083

In The County Court Sitting in Bradford

11 April 2023

District Judge Foster

Amanda Wake
Matthew Langstaff

Committal For Contempt Proceedings

  1. On 20 October 2021 the Respondent gave an undertaking to the court not to:-
    a). Use of threaten any violence towards the Applicant;
    b). Intimidate, harass or pester the Applicant;
    c). Come within 100m of any property at which the Applicant is aware that the Applicant is living, including 56 North Dean Avenue, Keighley BD22 6QL, except for the purposes of handover of the child during contact only;
    d). Send any threatening or abusive messages to the Applicant, whether by letter, text, email or any other form of written communication;
    e). Publish any form of information about the Applicant on or by social media including but not limited to Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat;
    f). Communicate with the Applicant whether by letter, telephone or text message or other means of communication except for the purpose of making arrangements for contact between the Respondent and Child A (DOB 06/11/20);
    g). Communicate with the Applicant’s children, namely Child B (DOB 09/08/2003) and Child C (DOB 12/07/07), whether by letter, telephone, text message or other means of communication;
    h). Damage or attempt to damage or threaten to damage any property belonging to the Applicant or jointly owned by the parties
  2. On 15 April 2023 the Respondent admitted the following breaches of the undertaking:-

    1 – On 2 September 2022 – 17.52
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    “It’s laughable how you actually think that I won’t find out and completely fuck shit up as well

    2- 3 September 2022 – 19.55
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    Your sons fine lol not that you give a shit obviously. Don’t turn up here Sunday I’m done.

    3 – 4 September 2022 – 07.43
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    “Fucked it, come to my house I’ll ring the police and we both know they can’t either come in my house or take Child A!”

    4 – 4 September 2022 – 07.44
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    “Well played dick head hope he’s worth it”

    5 – 4 September 2022 – 07.55
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    “My son isn’t safe with you your unstable and when your not out every weekend never mind shagging around and doing fucks knows what else”

    4 September 2022 – 08.04
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    “Last chance to ring me or I block you and we see what happens”

    7 – 4 September 2022 – 08.20
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    “Let’s hope the girls don’t hate you for having there dad put in prison cos I’ll make sure of it” 8 –

    9 – 15 September 2022 – 07.48
    The Respondent verbally intimidated the Applicant, as well as verbally threatened to damage her property.
    “Right…what do you want to do Saturday…he must be special. Well cancel it then… cancel it…cancel it then…cancel it then you don’t have to go out with him…cancel it it’s too soon it’s fucking too soon… it’s slaggy. Seriously I’ve done fuck all with anybody. You split up with me and told me that you needed to sort yourself out you didn’t want to be with anybody it’s been 3 week…it’s been 4 week…yes it has…Amanda it’s not been a month it’s September still…behave yourself. I need to tell you sommat …I were…I’d cancel I paid somebody to come to your house on Sunday morning….put your fuckin windows through and kick fuck out of whoever the fuck you took home with you…I’m deadly serious I’m not fuckin around…seriously you’re going to disrespect me like that…and then you’re shootin me down when I’ve been asking…no I’m not…stop pushing Amanda… cancel the date.

    10 – 18 September 2022 – 14.22
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    “Like amanda you all think there are no consequences for your fucking horrible selves home wreckers liers and cheats. No respect and think your not only untouchable but better than the shit your actually are. Amazing how the girls laughed at me thinking I’m soft fuuuuck me

    11 – 18 September 2022 – 14.23
    The Respondent sent abusive/threatening messages via WhatsApp.
    “Now leave me alone I don’t want to blow my lid. Me controlling myself is the best things that’s happening for you right now and you don’t even realise”
  3. Allegation 9 was not pursued by the Applicant.
  4. On 11 April 2023 the court imposed the following sentences
    a). Breaches 1-8 and 10-11 a term of imprisonment of six months on each breach to run concurrently with each other
    b). The sentence of imprisonment would be suspended until 11 October 2024
    c). The Respondent would comply with the non-molestation order until expiry on 21 September 2023.

District Judge Foster
11 April 2023