COPA -v- Wright

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Neutral Citation Number: [2024] EWHC 1198 (Ch)
Claim Nos. Il-2021-000019; Il-2022-000069

In the High Court of Justice
Business and Property Courts of England and Wales
Intellectual Property List (Chd)

20 May 2024

Mr. Justice Mellor

Crypto Open Patent Alliance
Claimant in Il-2021-000019
(the “copa Claim”)
Craig Steven Wright
Defendant in the Copa Claim

And Between:
(1) Dr Craig Steven Wright
(2) Wright International Investments Limited
(3) Wright International Investments Uk Limited
Claimants in Il-2022-000069 (the “btc Core Claim”)
(1) BTC Core
(2) Wladimir Jasper Van Der Laan
(3) Jonas Schnelli
(4) Pieter Wuille
(5) Marco Patrick Falke
(6) Samuel Dobson
(7) Michael Rohan Ford
(8) Cory Fields
(9) George Michael Dombrowski (a.k.a ‘luke Dashjr’)
(10) Matthew Gregory Corallo
(11) Peter Todd
(12) Gregory Fulton Maxwell
(13) Eric Lombrozo
(14) John Newbery
(15) Peter John Bushnell
(16) Block, Inc.
(17) Spiral BTC, Inc.
(18) SquareUp Europe Ltd
(19) Blockstream Corporation Inc.
(20) Chaincode Labs, Inc
(21) Coinbase Global Inc.
(22) CB Payments, Ltd
(23) Coinbase Europe Limited
(24) Coinbase Inc.
(25) Crypto Open Patent Alliance
(26) SquareUp International Limited
Defendants in the BTC Core Claim