JTLC -v- Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust (anonymity order published under CPR 39.2(5)

CivilAnonymity Order

Claim No: 3CL00853

In the County Court at Central London


His Honour Judge Lethem


JTLC (by his Litigation Friend KP)


Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust



Before His Honour Judge Lethem

Upon hearing Counsel for the Appellant and Counsel for the Respondent

And upon the Court handing down judgment

It is ordered that:

    1. Pursuant to CPR 39.2(4) the identity of the Claimant shall not be disclosed, it being necessary to secure the proper administration of justice and in order to protect the interests of the Claimant.
    2. A copy of this order shall be published on the website of the judiciary of England and Wales (which may be found at www.judiciary.uk). Any person who is not a party to the proceedings may apply to attend the hearing set out below and make submissions, or apply to set aside or vary the order.
    3. The name of the Defendant be amended to Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and reservice is dispensed with.
    4. The appeal is allowed.
    5. Paragraph 5 of the Order of Deputy District Judge Holland dated 16.04.19 be set aside.
    6. The issue of the appropriate order in relation to the costs of the claim below be remitted to be heard by a District Judge sitting in the County Court at Central London.
    7. The parties are to file combined dates of availability for that hearing by 21.02.20 and the matter shall then be listed for hearing in relation to that issue with a time estimate of half a day.
    8. The parties shall file and serve skeleton arguments not less than 7 days before the hearing in paragraph 4 above.
    9. The matter be listed for hearing before His Honour Judge Lethem to determine the appropriate order for costs in respect of the appeal, and to summarily assess those costs, on the first available date after 28.02.20 with an estimated length of hearing of 1 hour.