MW -v- AB (anonymity order)

County CourtAnonymity Order

Claim No: H00SE699

In the County Court at Sheffield

29 July 2022


District Judge Baddeley


MW (a protected party by her Litigation Friend the Official Solicitor)



Before District Judge Baddeley (nominated for this purpose by the Designated Civil Judge pursuant to CPR 21 PD 6.5(2) ) in Sheffield on 28 June 2022 via telephone at 10:00am
Upon hearing counsel for the Claimant and the solicitor for the Defendant
And upon the Court considering the principles discussed by the Court of Appeal in JX MX (by her Mother and Litigation Friend AX MX) v Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust and Others [2015] EWCA Civ 96, (2015) 1 WLR 3647, and there being no or no sufficiency cogent or persuasive reason not to grant an order for the Claimant’s anonymity
And upon the Court having considered Claimant’s counsels Approval Advice dated 1 December 2021 and having concluded that it is appropriate to accept the recommendations therein
And upon the Court being satisfied that an Order in paragraph 1 below is necessary to  protect the interests of the Claimant and that there is no countervailing public interest in disclosure
And upon the Court considering the provisions of CPR Part 21 and approving the terms of settlement proposed by the parties as set out below:
And by consent

It is ordered that

Pursuant to CPR 39.2(4) and Section 11 of the Contempt of Court Act 1981:
(a) The Claimant and her Litigation Friend shall hereinafter be referred to respectively as “MW” and “The Official Solicitor” in order to preserve the Claimant’s anonymity.