R -v- Zahid Iqbal and Others
|Crown Court|Criminal
In The Crown Court at Woolwich Indictment No: T20127446 18 April 2013 R -v- 1. Zahid Iqbal and 2. Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed and 3. Umar Arshad and 4. Syed Farhan Hussain Sentencing remarks of Mr ...

Usman Khan and others -v- R
|Court of Appeal|Criminal
Neutral Citation Number: [2013] EWCA Crim 468 Case No: 201201301A2, 201201447A2, 201201451A2, 201201453A2, 201201445A2 In the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) On appeal from the Crown Court at Woolwich Mr Justice Wilkie 16 April 2013 ...

Ms S English -v- Amshold Group Ltd
Case Numbers: 3200079/12 Reserved Judgment 10 April 2013 Judgment of the Employment Tribunal Between: Ms S English – Claimant -v- Amshold Group Ltd – Respondent Sitting at: East London Hearing Centre On: 5-8 & 12 ...