PN -v- Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust (anonymity order)

CivilAnonymity Order

Claim number: J05LV223

In the County Court at Liverpool

11 April 2023

Judge Metcalf

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

Anonymity Order

BEFORE District Judge Metcalf sitting at the County Court at Liverpool, Civil and Family Courts, 35 Vernon
Street, Liverpool, L2 2BX.

UPON HEARING Mr. Ralph of counsel for the Claimant and Ms Beford of counsel for the Defendant.

AND UPON The Defendants indicating their neutrality to the making of the order.

AND PURSUANT to section 11 of the Contempt of Court Act 1981; and Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”) 5.4A
to 5.4D and 39.3(4).


  1. Pursuant to CPR 39.2(4), the claimant shall have anonymity in these proceedings until further order. They will
    be referred to solely as PN.
  2. There shall be no publication of the claimant’s name or address or any other particulars likely to lead to the
    claimant’s identification, without the permission of the court.
  3. No documents containing information that could identify the claimant shall be supplied from court records to
    persons who are not parties to the claim.
  4. If any non-party seeks to obtain documents concerning this case pursuant to CPR 5.4C(2), no such document
    shall be provided unless the court, having first invited representations from the parties to this case, so directs.
  5. The case shall be known for all purposes as PN v Hertfordshire Community MHS Trust.
  6. Any party or non-party affected by this order may apply to have this Order set aside or varied.
  7. A copy of this order shall be published on the Judicial Website.
  8. This order is mandatory. Breach of any part of this order may give rise to contempt proceedings. Even if an
    application has been made to vary or discharge any part of the order, the order must be complied with unless or until varied or discharged.
  9. Costs in the detailed assessment proceedings.