R (AB) -v- A County Council and another (anonymity order)

Administrative CourtHigh CourtKing's Bench DivisionAnonymity Order

Claim Number: CO/1410/2022

In the High Court of Justice
King’s Bench Division
Administrative Court

25 October 2022

In the Matter of an Application for Judicial Review

The Honourable Mrs Justice Farbey DBE

R (AB)
(1) a County Council
(2) the Governing Body of a School

Anonymity Order

UPON hearing representatives of the media remotely and in person

AND UPON hearing counsel for the parties

AND UPON the court considering the interests of justice and the provisions of the Remote Observation and Recording (Courts and Tribunals) Regulations 2022
AND UPON the court considering its duties as a public authority under the Human Rights Act 1998 together with the provisions of section 12 of the Act
AND UPON the court considering the right to respect for private life of Child X under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights


  1. Representatives from the BBC (local and national), The Times, Tribunal Tweets and Christian Concern shall be permitted to attend the hearing remotely.
  2. Representatives from the press -whether attending remotely or in person – are permitted to live tweet subject to the reporting restrictions made in this Order.
  3. Pursuant to CPR 39.2(4), the child referred to in the parties’ statements of case as “Child X” shall have anonymity in these proceedings until further order. They shall be referred to solely as “Child X”.
  4. There shall be no publication of their name or address or the identity of any school or other establishment attended by Child X or any other particulars or still or moving image likely to lead to their identification, without leave of the court.
  5. No documents containing information that could identify Child X shall be supplied from court records to persons who are not parties to the action.
  6. If any non-party seeks to obtain documents concerning this case pursuant to CPR 5.4C(2), no such document shall be provided unless the court, having first invited representations from the parties to this case, so directs.
  7. The case shall be known for all purposes as The King on the application of AB v ( l) A County Council (2) The Governing Body of a School.
  8. This order is mandatory. Breach of any part of this order may give rise to contempt proceedings. Even if an application has been made to vary or discharge any part of the order, the order must be complied with unless or until varied or discharged.