R (JB) -v- Secretary of State for the Home Department (anonymity order)

Immigration and Asylum Chamber (Upper Tribunal)Anonymity Order

Case Number: JR/2024/BHM/000026

In the Upper Tribunal
(Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
Judicial Review

31 May 2024

In the matter of an application for Judicial Review

HHJ Worster

The King on the application of JB
Secretary of State for the Home Department

Anonymity Order

NOTIFICATION of the Judge’s decision

On an application for an anonymity order

Following consideration of the draft consent order dated 26 April 2024 and the documents lodged by the parties

Order by HHJ Worster:

  1. There shall be an order protecting the Applicant’s anonymity and his name shall be anonymised in these proceedings as ‘JB’. There shall be no publication of the Applicant’s name or any details likely to lead to his identification.

And Upon the Respondent agreeing to reconsider his decision of 28 November 2023 in relation to the Applicant’s asylum claim dated 4 December 2019 within three months of the date that this consent order is sealed, absent special circumstances;

BY CONSENT it is ordered that:-

  1. The Applicant do have leave to withdraw the above-numbered claim for judicial review.
  2. The Respondent do pay the Applicant’s reasonable costs, to be assessed if not agreed.
  3. There be a detailed assessment of the Applicant’s Legal Aid costs.


The Applicant’s case is that he is a victim of trafficking/modern slavery. There is prima facie evidence which supports that and the risk that if his name were made public he would be in danger.

Signed: D Worster

HHJ Worster

Dated: 31 May 2024