R -v- Ayo

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WARNING: Reporting restrictions apply to the contents of this judgment, as stated in paragraphs 2 and 3 of the judgment, because the cases concern sexual offending, including offences against children. Reporting restrictions prohibit the publication of the applicable information to the public or any section of the public, in writing, in a broadcast or by means of the internet, including social media. Anyone who receives a copy of this transcript is responsible in law for making sure that applicable restrictions are not breached. A person who breaches a reporting restriction is liable to a fine and/or imprisonment. For guidance on whether reporting restrictions apply, and to what information, ask at the court office or take legal advice.

Neutral Citation Number: [2022] EWCA Crim 1271
Case No: 2021 03483 A3 etc

In the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)
On appeal from the Crown Court at Kingston

30 September 2022

Lord Justice Holroyde, Vice-president
of the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division
Mr Justice Goss
Mrs Justice Mcgowan

Mark Ashley Burgess
Abdul Hasib Elahi
The King