RT -v- Secretary of State for the Home Department (Anonymity order)

Anonymity Order

Case Number: SN/72/2019

In the Special Immigration Appeals Commission

10 September 2019





Secretary of State for the Home Department



ON CONSIDERING the Appellant’s application dated 23 August 2019


  1. The Appellant be referred to for the purpose of these proceedings as “RT”.
  2. No person shall publish or cause to have published anything which might identify the Appellant as an appellant to the Commission.
  3. These proceedings shall continue to be named as “RT v Secretary of State for the Home Department”.
  4. Liberty to all parties and to any media organisation to apply on giving 48 hours’ written notice to the other parties and to the Legal Representatives listed on the Commission’s website.


  1. The Appellant is a tutor and runs an educational institution. He has a wife and two children.
  2. The Secretary of State refused his application for naturalisation on the grounds that the Appellant ‘may be supportive of terrorism’.
  3. The Appellant’s case is that his identification with such an allegation, of which he has no details, and which is, as yet, unproven, will prejudice the best interests of his children and his wife’s article 8 rights, and may expose them and him to attack from extremists. He gives an example of such an attack in Leicester. He also says that publication of the allegation may well have an adverse effect on his educational business.
  4. In the circumstances it is appropriate to make an anonymity order.