TTT -v- Michaela Community Schools Trust (anonymity order)

Administrative CourtHigh CourtKing's Bench DivisionAnonymity Order

Case number: CO/1853/2023

In the High Court of Justice
King’s Bench Division
Administrative Court

16 January 2024


The Honourable Mr Justice Linden


The King on the application of
TTT (by her mother and litigation friend, UUU)


Michaela Community Schools Trust


London Borough of Brent
(Interested party)


UPON the Applications of the Claimant dated 22 December 2023, and the Defendant dated 10 January 2024

AND UPON hearing Mr Jason Coppel KC for the Defendant, Ms Sarah Hannett KC for the Claimant, and the following members of the Press: Mr Tom Pilgrim of the Press Association, Mr Lucas Cumiskey of Schools Week, Mr Abul Taher of the Mail on Sunday and Ms Sally Weale of the Guardian.

AND UPON the Court being satisfied on the evidence that the derogations from open justice in paragraphs 4, 6 and 7 below are necessary to secure the proper administration of justice and to protect the interests of the persons referred to.


1. This Order replaces the Order of Knowles J of 26 May 2023 (as amended by Eyre J on 5 June 2023 and 7 August 2023) with effect from 16 January 2024.

2. The Defendant’s application for a private hearing and/or for an order preventing the publication of the names of the Defendant and the Interested Party, and any information which could lead to the identification of either of them, is dismissed.

3. The Claimant’s application is allowed to the extent indicated below.

4. Pursuant to CPR 39.2(4), there shall not be published by any person, by whatever medium:
a. Any information or matter which may lead to the identification of the Claimant or of the Claimant’s litigation friend as a result of these proceedings, including:
(i) The name of the Claimant or her litigation friend.
(ii) The address of the Claimant or her litigation friend.
(iii) The date of birth of the Claimant or her litigation friend.
b. Any information or matter which may lead to the identification of the following as a result of these proceedings:
(i) any pupil at the School.
(ii) any member of Staff at the School, save for the Headteacher.
(iii) any immediate family member of persons falling within (b) (i) and (ii) above.

5. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in paragraph 4 prevents the identification of the School or the Headteacher.

6. In any report of these proceedings or other publication (by whatever medium) in relation to these proceedings:
a. The Claimant shall be referred to as “TTT”.
b. The Claimant’s litigation friend shall be referred to as “UUU”.

7. Pursuant to CPR 5.4C, a person who is not a party to the proceedings may obtain a copy from the court records of: (a) a statement of case, pursuant to rule 5.4(1)(a) or (b) any other document filed by a party or communication between the court and a party or another person, pursuant to rule 5.4C(2), only if the same has been anonymised and redacted in accordance with paragraphs 4-6 above (and the person is otherwise entitled to obtain the statement of case, document, or communication).

8. The Claimant, the Defendant and the Interested Party and any other person shall have liberty to apply to vary or revoke this Order on 48 hours’ notice being given to the parties to the claim.

9. The costs of the parties’ applications are reserved.