VWX -v-West London NHS Trust (anonymity order)

Anonymity Order

Claim NO: QB-2020-001505

In the High Court of Justice

Queen’s Bench Division

Media and Communications List

28 April 2020


Master Cook




West London NHS Trust

UPON reading the Claimant’s Application Notice dated 7 April 2020 and the

Witness Statement of Hanna Basha dated 7 April 2020



  1. Pursuant to section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998, and/or CPR 39.2(4), the Court being satisfied that it is strictly necessary:
    1.1. The Intended Claimant be permitted to issue these proceedings naming the Claimant as VWX and giving an address c/o the Claimant’s solicitors; and
    1.2. There be substituted for all purposes in these proceedings in place of references to the Claimant by name, and whether orally or in writing, references to the letters VWX.



  1. Upon the Court being satisfied that it is strictly necessary no copies of any confidential exhibits to the witness statements or application notices will be provided to a non-party without further order of the Court.
  2. Any non-party seeking access to, or copies of, any of the abovementioned documents or any other document referred to in CPR 5.4C(2), must make an application to the Court on no less than 7 clear business days’ notice to the parties.


  1. Until the trial of this claim or further Order of the Court, the Defendant must not publish any information which is liable to or might identify the Claimant as a party to the proceedings and/or which otherwise contains material (including but not limited to the profession or age or nationality of the Claimant) which is liable to, or might lead to, the Claimant’s identification in any such respect.


  1. Liberty to the parties to apply.


  1. The costs of and occasioned by this application be in the case.