WK -v- Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (anonymity order published under CPR 39.2(5)

Anonymity Order

Case No: HQ16C03636

In the High Court of Justice
Queen’s Bench Division

7 June 2019


Sir Robert Francis QC
(sitting as a Deputy Judge of the High Court)


(who proceeds by her mother and Litigation Friend DK)


Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust



UPON HEARING Leading Counsel and Counsel for the Claimant and Counsel for the Defendant


  1. The identity of the Claimant and the litigation friend must not be disclosed;
  2. All orders of the Court shall henceforth refer to the Claimant as ‘WK‘ and to the litigation friend as ‘DK’;
  3. Neither the name nor address, nor any still or moving picture, of the Claimant or any member of her immediate family shall during the Claimant’s lifetime he published in England and Wales in a written publication available to the public or be included in a relevant programme for reception in England and Wales if it is likely to lead members of the public to identify the Claimant as a party to these proceedings or a person in receipt of damages awarded in these proceedings.
  4. Costs in the case.

Dated the 7th day of June 2019