AB (by his litigation friend, the Official Solicitor) (appellant) v Worcestershire County Council & anr (respondents)

Tuesday 25 – Wednesday 26 April 2023

By Appellant’s Notice filed on 2 February 2022, the Claimant (“AB”) appeals Deputy High Court Judge Margaret Obi’s order dated 22 January 2022, which refused AB’s permission to re-amend the Amended Particulars of Claim, struck out the Article 6 ECHR claims against both Defendants, granted summary judgment to D1 and D2 on the Article 3 ECHR claim, dismissed the Article 8 ECHR claims against both Defendants and the claim against D1 in negligence on their withdrawal by the Claimant’s counsel (the claim in negligence against D2 having been discontinued on 27 July 2021) and ordered C to pay costs.

AB seeks to appeal the summary judgment and the refusal to allow re-amendment of the Particulars of Claim.

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