Abdikadir (claimant/appellant) v The London Borough of Ealing (defendant/respondent)

Tuesday 28 June 2022

By Appellants Notice filed 30 September 2021 Ms Abdikadir appeals HHJ Saggerson’s order dated 10 September 2021, sitting in Central London County Court, whereby the Judge dismissed the appeal against the Respondent local housing authority’s (R) review decision dated 4 May 2021 and confirmed the R’s review decision dated 4 May 2021; and made a consequential costs order against the Appellant.

R’s review decision dated 4 May 2021 followed an earlier review of the original decision dated 23 July 2020 and successful appeal to the County Court leading to R conducting a fresh review.

R’s May 2021 decision upheld the original decision that R’s housing duty to A had ceased as A had refused a suitable offer of accommodation (of a 4 bedroom house). A considered the property was not affordable, too far from her youngest child’s school and too small for her family.

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