Adil (appellant) v General Medical Council (respondent)

Thursday 19 October 2023

The underlying appeal was brought under s40 of the Medical Act 1983 against four decisions of the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal’s (“the Tribunal”) decisions of June 2022 made under section 35D of the Act. At the time of the events relevant to the Tribunal’s decision the Applicant worked as a locum consultant colorectal surgeon. The Tribunal is a committee of the GMC. The four decisions were a determination on (1) the Facts; (2) Impairment; (3) Sanction and (4) Immediate Order. The Tribunal concluded that the Applicant’s registration in the register of medical professionals should be suspended for six months, with immediate suspension necessary to protect public confidence in the medical profession, and that he would be suspended pending any appeal against the substantive suspension order.

The appeal in the High Court was dismissed, Swift J finding that the conclusion reached was properly available to the Tribunal.

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