Alam (appellant) v HDI Global Specialty SE (respondent) Hacking (appellant) v HDI Global Specialty SE (respondent) Siddique (appellant) v HDI Global Specialty SE (respondent)

Monday 25 – Tuesday 26 March 2024

By Appellants Notices filed on 29 July 2022, the Claimants appeal the order of HHJ Khan dated 8 July 2022 sitting at Burnley County Court, dismissing the appeals of the three individuals, from the order of DJ Clarke dated 30 September 2021.

HHJ Khan also made a summarily assessed costs order against the Claimants.

HHJ Khan gave a single judgment dated 8 July 2022 in respect of the 3 claims and made 3 separate orders of the same date.

He (1) granted the insurer Defendant (HDI Global Speciality SE)'(HDI)’s application dated 3 June 2021 to strike out &/or dismiss the three Claimants’ claims, pursuant to CPR 3.4 (2) (a) and CPR 24.2 and (2) dismissed the Claimants’ application dated 11 August 2021 to join as a defendant to their actions Heatwave Energy Solutions Ltd (Heatwave).

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