Azarmi-Movafagh (respondent/appellant) –v- Bassiri-Dezfouli (applicant/respondent)

18th May 2021

The Husband appeals the order of Mrs Justice Judd, following her judgment handed down on 10 September 2020, ordering a legal charge be registered against the Husband’s prospective home in the Wife’s favour, triggered by the first of Husband’s death, remarriage or permanent cohabitation.

Mrs Justice Judd heard an appeal against the order of HHJ Robinson dated 7 August 2019  ordering the Wife to pay the Husband  a lump sum of £625,000 (comprising a housing fund of £400,000, £25,00 to purchase a car and £200,000 for debts)

HHJ Robinson heard the final hearing of the Husband’s application for a financial order.

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