Candey Ltd (claimant/appellant) v Bosheh & anr (defendants/respondents)

Tuesday 12th July 2022

By Appellant’s Notice filed on 6th January 2022 the Claimant/Appellant appeals the Order of Ms Clare Ambrose dated 16th December 2021.

Background – The Claimant, a London law firm is involved in litigation with a former client in a fraud claim worth over £3 million relating to the firm’s role in representing the client in defending similar fraud allegations on a conditional fee agreement.
In the applications before the Court, the Claimant sought a freezing order and to amend its claim and the Defendants sought relief against the Claimant’s use of confidential information and a strike out of the claim. The applications raised questions as to the terms implied into the law firm’s retainer and the extent to which a solicitor alleging fraud against a former client may use information that would otherwise normally be treated as confidential or privileged.

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