Diag Human SE & anr (defendants/appellants) v The Czech Republic (claimant/respondent)

Thursday 7 December 2023

By Appellant’s Notice filed on thje 31 July 2023, the appellants appeal the order of Mr Justice bright dated 12 July 2023.

The action before the lower court concerned an arbitration award dated 18 May 2022 which culminated in a substantial monetary award in favour of the Applicants.

The Respondent challenged the arbitration award under ss 67 and 68 of the Act. The Applicants have applied for summary dismissal of the challenge to the arbitration award. The hearing to determine the merits of those issues will commence in January 2024.

The Judge dismissed both applications, in particular dismissing the application for security for the arbitration award on the basis that there was no real evidence that the Respondent was likely to dissipate its assets.

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