Geo-Minerals GT Ltd & anr (respondents) v Rouse & Co International Ltd (4th defendant/appellant) & ors

Thursday 18 May 2023

By Appellant’s Notice filed on 31/8/22, the 4th defendant appeals against the order of HHJ Bird (sitting as judge of High Court) dated 16/8/22.

The hearing was a CMS of a claim brought by C1 and C2 (a shareholder in C1) against C1’s professional advisers and against persons said to have conspired to injure interests of C1.

D4’s role was to be instructed in connection with registration of trademarks.

D4 sought to strike out the claim because the draft amended particulars of claim disclosed no reasonable cause of action or were an abuse of process or failed to comply with CPR; D4 argued that the claim failed to plead a case in respect of causation.

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