Global Feedback Limited (claimant/applicant) v Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (defendant/respondent)

Friday 16 June 2023

Application for permission to appeal on the 1 ground that has not been refused.

The Applicant challenges an order by Lang J refusing, after an oral hearing, permission to apply for judicial review of a decision of the respondent dated 13 June 2022 to adopt the ‘Government Food Strategy’ (‘the Strategy’).

Section 13 of the Climate Change Act 2008 (‘the 2008 Act’) requires the Respondent to ‘prepare such proposals and policies’ as he ‘considers will enable the carbon budgets that have been set under this Act to be met’, ‘with a view to meeting’ various targets. They must, ‘taken as a whole, be such as to contribute to sustainable development’. The Secretary of State may, in preparing them, take into account ‘the proposals and policies the Secretary of State considers may be prepared by other national authorities’.

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